Engineering Services

As the Global Economy expands, Aerospace & defence companies are Experiencing demands and increasing in market competition.
Aerotics Technologies Could support & provide Solutions for Industry growth and Development.

- Aerotics create complete training and Operating Manual for Robots.

- Our Expetrs closely work with research & development team of Next generation Robotics Manufactures to provide a quality documents.

- Industrial | Surveillance | Agriculture | Mapping solutions with Advanced drones and experienced Team

- Basic & Complete Multirotor, Fixed wing Flying Training

- Skill Development Training On assembly, disassembly & Maintenance of Drones

- Advanced Simulator Training for RPAS

- Aerotics offers a comprehensive range of Drone building Services, maintenance, Repair and Drone Flight Training.

- Our Expert team can Provide Solutions in multi view aspect.

- Our UAV will Lift Business processes with accurate vision for in-depth Project planning at reduced costs, time and manpower & enhanced Personal Safety.

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