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Driven by a cultural shift in consumer and commercial use as by improvements in technology, drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),

We are expertise with 15+ years of experience in the Aviation Industry...

Our commitment en routes at a wider scale in the Aerospace and Automotive Technical Documentation and Engineering services (Aircraft, Aeroengines & Drone/UAS) 


We work on providing increased accuracy and ease of documentation using space drones in surveillance work area. It send service work orders to an aircraft’s maintenance team as soon as a fault is identified and rectified


Taking a keen look into the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), air vehicles are  remotely piloted. We are expertise in Technical Documentation area


Pioneering in Agricultural field, we use hyperspectral cameras for health of specific crops, accurately distribute fertilizer and/or insecticides, drought analysis and also maintain disaster management


Automotive/Locomotive services are done through the preparation of Technical Documentation for manufactures

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